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When Should You Take Your Child To The Dentist

Many parents do not know when it’s the best time to take their children into the dentist. For many reasons parents hold back seeking a professional orthodontist or dentist because they believe the milky teeth are only temporary, which means whatever problems have been experienced will just go away. But this reasoning is flawed –

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7 Signs To Tell If You Have Unhealthy Teeth

Sometimes it’s not the obvious cracked tooth that nudges you to seek a professional dentist —sometimes it’s the not-so-obvious signs you should be looking out for to prevent an onset of more serious mouth problems. Here are the seven not-so-obvious signs you should be on the lookout for to identify unhealthy teeth: Pain/Sensitivity When you

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Teeth-Whitening – At Home Vs.At The Dentist

There is a wide range of products at the supermarket for teeth-whitening these days, but how safe is it? With hydrogen peroxide making up the chief active ingredient in most products, it might give you pause to wonder if bleaching your teeth at home is worth the few hundred dollars you may save instead going

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