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Key Points About Carnegie Teeth Whitening

The Carnegie teeth whitening services we supply are effective on a variety of different stains . You might love coffee and even blueberries. There are lots of folks who come in to see us that are fond of wine and even some of the other foods that taste great but stain your teeth. These are

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A Carnegie Root Canal Treatment Primer

A Carnegie root canal treatment is usually the process that saves a tooth rather than removing it. The phrase itself describes how the canals inside a tooth are cleaned out. Years ago, these were painful — today there have been advancements in dental practice and with anesthetics so there’s very little pain with one of

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A Few Important Words on Carnegie Orthodontics

One of the first things we like to tell patients about Carnegie orthodontics, is everyone at any age can benefit. Crooked teeth and crowded ones can affect the way you look at your life and how you do your work. We like to stress that Carnegie orthodontics not only make your smile look better in

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