Where did the All-On-4 treatment come from?

Have you heard of the All-On-4 Dental implant treatment? It’s a popular dental implant treatment being recommended to many Australians these days. So, what exactly is it, where did it come from and what can it do for you?

Many years ago, dental surgeons discovered osseointegration, which is when titanium compositions fuse with and are accepted as belonging in bone. They started using this knowledge in full arch cases in the mouth so oral function could be restored in patients missing teeth and requiring dental implants.

They discovered that full set replacements with multiple fixture points or prostheses provide better support. It was also concluded that having posts linked together with a rigid cross-arch implant fixation led to better pressure distribution, allowing individual implants to adapt better.

As technology advanced and the knowledge of osseointegration expanded, there came a need for a solution that not only performed well, but that looked as natural and attractive as possible and could last a long time. There was also a need for a solution that made patient hygiene easier, reducing the risk of infection. The All-On-4 Dental implant treatment was created to meet these requirements.

With All-On-4, there are only two fixtures in the front of the mouth and two in the back. Together these are able to support a full set of teeth in a manner that’s easy to reach and clean from all angles.

During the procedure, the jawbone is reshaped subtly so that the spacing of teeth looks normal, allowing for gum replacement if needed. Unlike past dental implant procedures (where the patient would have fixtures placed and need to wait several months for them to heal, during which changes often occurred), teeth can immediately be placed. All that’s needed from the patient is for them to avoid hard foods for a short time while the implants stabilise.

The All-On-4 Dental implant treatment can certainly change your life if you’re in need of dental implants. Just remember that it’s a specialised treatment that not all dentists can provide. The Carnegie Dental Group has the skill and experience to assist you with All-On-4, so get in touch with us today to find out if this alternative dental implant treatment could work for you.

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