7 Signs To Tell If You Have Unhealthy Teeth

Sometimes it’s not the obvious cracked tooth that nudges you to seek a professional dentist —sometimes it’s the not-so-obvious signs you should be looking out for to prevent an onset of more serious mouth problems.

Here are the seven not-so-obvious signs you should be on the lookout for to identify unhealthy teeth:

  • Pain/Sensitivity

When you drink hot or cold beverages and experience a sharp pain, it is a sure indicator that you may have tooth decay or enamel problems. Dentists at the Carnegie Dental Group ought to be sought out to help you start living a better life, free of this pain.

  • Dry Mouth

A dry mouth could be a sign of many things. It could indicate the flu or diabetes—but one of the common problems associated with a dry mouth is the lack of saliva, which is your natural anti-bacteria and anti-decay your mouth needs to ward off unwanted, germ-feeding particles in your mouth. If you constantly have a dry mouth, contact your nearest dentist for some help.

  • Popping/Clicking pain in jaw

It is difficult to diagnose what the root cause of a popping or clicking jaw is. It could be sinus-related, it could be TMJ—it could be many things. To determine what it is exactly, you should have your dentist do an X-ray to find out what is causing the pain.

  • Stained Teeth

Stained or discoloured teeth are usually caused by tea or coffee, cigarettes or a reaction to certain medication. There are options available to remedy this, such as professional whitening by a specialist dentist.

  • Bleeding or Sore Gums

Bleeding or sore gums can be a sign of Gingivitis. Sometimes it comes and goes when you brush too hard. If the bleeding and pain persists, you should contact your dentist as soon as possible in case the bleeding is a more serious illness than Gingivitis.

  • Mouth Sores

Mouth sores can be a strong indication of disease. Types of sores include, Canker, Cold, Leucoplakia or Candidiasis. You should contact your dentist so that any serious diseases can be ruled out as soon as possible.

  • Bad Breath

Persistent bad breath could be the result of gum disease. Although it could be caused from smoking, acidic foods, drinks or other food/drink you intake, we do strongly suggest you seek professional dental assistance so that you can be sure it is not a more sinister problem. Also, a dentist can provide a solution to the bad breath so that you can reclaim your confidence.

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