A Quick Overview of Melbourne Sleep Dentistry

Melbourne sleep dentistry is one of the options that we offer people who suffer from dental anxiety. As skilled as we are after 40 years of practice, we still run into people who are afraid of dental procedures.

These folks feel nervous about being vulnerable and any potential discomfort. That’s why we always suggest Melbourne sedation dentistry. It’s an excellent way for patients to feel relaxed during any kind of dental work.

If you’re someone who feels a little nervous about coming in to see us to have routine procedures or more complex things done, here’s an overview of sleep dentistry.

What it is:

Like the name implies, our Melbourne sleep dentistry procedures are all about the different ways our dental professionals administer drugs before or during any dental procedure. There are a few different types and only one that’s called general anesthesia will render you completely unconscious.

Melbourne Sleep Dentistry

The different types: 

When you come in for any kind of oral surgery, we will go through the different types of Melbourne sleep dentistry. Choosing the one that’s best for you means collaboration between our dental professionals and patients.

Here are a few different choices that we have in our repertoire:

  • Intravenous Sedatives. These are the ones that generally render you unconscious or in varying states of deep sleep. There are different types of general anesthesia available. Certain types of IV drugs can put you into what we like to call a twilight sleep. That’s where you will be aware of what’s going on around you although you’ll feel sleepy.
  • Oral Sedatives. These are designed to help patients relax during the procedure and one of the more common ones is diazepam. Usually, these are prescribed before your surgery and we will instruct you to take a dosage before you arrive.
  • Nitrous Oxide is another choice that we offer through our Melbourne sleep dentistry services. Because this gas generally wears off quite quickly, you might be able to drive yourself home after your procedure.

Generally, we find that patients who need this type of sedation dentistry fall into one of several different categories. Some of them have had a bad experience with a specific procedure in the past. Other patients have a phobia about the dentist in general and a third set of patients have sensitive oral nerve endings. There is no need to put off any dental work because our Melbourne sleep dentistry services have something that’s right for you.


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