Carnegie Family Dentistry Tips for The Kids

We get a lot of parents coming in to us asking questions about their children’s oral health at our Carnegie Family Dentistry offices. That’s why we’ve put together a blog about the way parents can work with us as one dental team.

Our number one priority is to help ease any concerns you have and to put together some preventative measures to keep your child’s smile bright for a lifetime. We feel that building trust with your family starts with a series of outstanding positive experiences.

It’s the best way to foster the kind of dental hygiene habits that last.

Here are a few tips on the best ways to maintain your child’s healthy smile from our Carnegie Family Dentistry team.


Being proactive is important. For us, it’s much better to prevent cavities than deal with the aftermath. That’s why the first tip is a suggestion to make sure your child eats nutritious foods. Parents interested in keeping their children’s teeth strong and healthy should make sure they have a well-balanced diet.

This includes milk and cheese as well as yogurt and fruit plus vegetables. Just like there are good foods that will help their oral hygiene, there are others that you should avoid. This list has junk food and candy on it as well as sports drinks and pop.

Making sure they limit the amount of sugar they take in is not only good for their dental work. Research has proven children’s overall health will be better if mom and dad watch their diet.

How the Carnegie Family Dentistry Team Helps

There are several things that we can do as dental professionals to help establish a routine with your offspring. First off, we suggest regular checkups. This is the best way to take a good look at the current condition of your child’s oral health and head off any complications or problems.

We use several tools. It’s important to us to have a state-of-the-art clinic and that’s why we use digital x-rays. Not only can this technology pinpoint a small problem before it becomes a big issue, it’s safer than the older models.

We are also big on the protective coating that can go on your child’s adult teeth as they erupt. This sealant can prevent decay in the harder to reach fissures and pits.

Our Carnegie Family Dentistry team is looking forward to partnering with you for good oral habits for the entire family.


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