Carnegie Family Dentistry Tips for Your Children’s Teeth

Lesson one from our Carnegie Family Dentistry team is that you need to look after your children’s baby teeth. Of course, these do fall out eventually, so parents are always asking us why they are so important.

The reason is simple, really. These baby teeth help your child as they learn how to speak. This first set of chompers also helps your daughters and sons as they learn how to bite and chew on different kinds of food. Finally, baby teeth are the space savers for the more permanent ones that will come in later.

Here’s a few tips from our Carnegie Family Dentistry experts on how mom and dad can take an active role in their children’s oral care.

Start Early

Massaging your children’s gums even before they get their first set of teeth is an excellent idea. In fact, we recommend wiping their gums with a slightly dampened gauze or even a clean washcloth you keep specifically for that purpose. There are also specific tools available like infant gum massagers.

Parents should brush their children’s teeth as soon as they come in at least twice a day. Make sure to use only a toothbrush that has soft bristles and water.

There’s a very good reason for starting early. Just under these baby teeth, the pathways and positioning of the more permanent adult teeth are forming their place.

Here are some other interesting tidbits you should know about:

  • Data shows that children who are prone to cavities in their baby teeth will be prone to cavities later in life. Another good reason to start your child on an early dental hygiene routine that includes trips to the dentist.
  • Many of the treatments that parents have to keep their teeth in the best shape are available to children. Orthodontic treatments and dental x-rays are just two examples of the services that we provide as your Carnegie Family Dentistry team of choice.

Getting involved early with your children’s dental care will help them keep a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. It’s important to remember that parents play a central role in fostering their children’s oral health. You can reinforce the habits they need to learn like brushing and flossing.

Research has shown that children imitate their parents in many different areas including oral hygiene. Our Carnegie Family Dentistry professionals would love to help you put a routine together for your children today.


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