Teeth Whitenting

Key Points About Carnegie Teeth Whitening

The Carnegie teeth whitening services we supply are effective on a variety of different stains . You might love coffee and even blueberries. There are lots of folks who come in to see us that are fond of wine and even some of the other foods that taste great but stain your teeth. These are

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How Long Does Professional Teeth Whitening last?

What would it feel like to you to have pearly white teeth, brightly shining every time you speak, smile or laugh? A smile can really bring out the best in someone, giving them confidence and a better self-image through professional teeth whitening. However, many people ask us how long professional teeth whitening actually lasts. Although

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Teeth-Whitening – At Home Vs.At The Dentist

There is a wide range of products at the supermarket for teeth-whitening these days, but how safe is it? With hydrogen peroxide making up the chief active ingredient in most products, it might give you pause to wonder if bleaching your teeth at home is worth the few hundred dollars you may save instead going

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