Common Mistakes We All Make When Brushing Our Teeth

For some people, brushing your teeth is actually a therapeutic task. For most others, it’s arduous and time-consuming. Whether you enjoy it or not, it’s incredibly important to the ongoing health of your teeth! But are you even doing it correctly?

Here are a number of the things we’re doing wrong and how we can make simple changes to make our teeth healthier and stronger:


With consistent use, twice a day for most people, the life of a toothbrush is about three months. After about 200 uses, you need to buy a new toothbrush because the bristles are no doubt worn and bent, and these won’t clean your teeth properly.

Besides the bristles not being able to work properly, there’s another something else you should be more concerned about: bacteria. Yes, it’s true. Especially if you don’t clean out your toothbrush holder or place it face down on the sink. And this should be reason enough for you to buy a new toothbrush today!


Between two to three minutes is the recommended time you should spend when brushing your teeth. Would you believe that the average Australian is done in under a minute? It’s true. Shorter than two minutes won’t give the fluoride in your toothpaste enough time to attach itself to the plaque and destroy it before it destroys your teeth with its acids.


As we mentioned above, it’s easy for bacteria to build up on your toothbrush if you don’t store it correctly. Or, if like many of us are guilty of, we just toss it among our family members’ brushes or just lay it down somewhere convenient at the time.

Consider storing your toothbrush in a more hygienic area. For example: keep your toothbrush in your nightstand or inside your medicine cabinet, or buy a case for the brush end so it’s completely protected overnight and throughout the day.

Dental floss

Flossing may also be an arduous procedure, but it has so many benefits. In fact, it’s suggested that everyone should be flossing daily. It removes plaque between your teeth where your toothbrush can’t reach.

Your Tongue

Yes, you do have to brush your tongue. It will help with bad breath and remove bacteria from your mouth. Do it once and you will see what we’re talking about. And did you know that most toothbrushes have a small section on the back dedicated to cleaning your tongue!

Proper Brushing

Your technique and motion may be wrong. Brush in a circular motion, not in a back and forwards fashion. The reason for this is that this method lets the bristles of your toothbrush clean between the gaps of your teeth. The toothbrush also must make some contact with your gums where germs are waiting to breed.

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