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Dental Fillings Melbourne | Maintain a Tooth for Longer

Dental Fillings Melbourne Victoria; A filling can Prevent the Need for more Serious Restorative Dental Work

If, on assessment, you have a cavity then a filling is the most suitable treatment for you. Ignoring a cavity will only makes things worse. That is, by leaving a cavity to get worse the decay will travel through your tooth and affect the root of the tooth, which can lead to tooth loss. By cleaning out the decay and replacing it with the filling you save the tooth from further problems such as root canal therapy or the need for extraction.

At Carnegie Dental Group only tooth coloured filling materials are used to restore decayed, worn or broken teeth. Fillings are bonded to the tooth surface, the restoration is carved and polished into the desired shape, and the material is set. Care should be taken for 24-48 hours to avoid biting on the restoration whilst it is setting, so it is important to chew on the opposite side of your mouth.


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Why We don’t Use Amalgam Fillings in Our Practice

In the past dentists used amalgam fillings to replace the decay. However, there were a number of problems with using amalgam fillings, and that is why modern dentists use composite resin. Some of the problems with amalgam fillings include:

  1. Amalgam fillings don’t cover the whole tooth, so the decay can continue to erode the tooth.
  2. Amalgam fillings expand and contract in extreme heat which can cause the tooth to crack.
  3. Depending on the research you read, when you chew you release tiny amounts of amalgam into your body and this can—potentially—cause problems.

Whether amalgam fillings do cause mercury poisoning or not is still being debated. At Carnegie Dental Group we use composite resin fillings. These are a more comprehensive treatment for decayed teeth and are colour matched to the shade and colour of your natural teeth.

The Filling Procedure

You can have a filling done in just one appointment. This involves cleaning the decay from the tooth and filling the tooth with the composite resin material. A special light is then used to harden the filling.

It is important to realise fillings do not last forever. Not only do you need to maintain your optimal oral hygiene routine at home you also need to visit Carnegie Dental Group every six months for a regular check-up and clean.

Dental Fillings Melbourne

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