Dental Implant Care: A Comprehensive Guide, Explained Simply

Dental implants need as much cleaning attention as normal teeth do. If you’ve had a dental implant recently, you should take into account the necessary daily routines as you would with your normal teeth.

Let’s go over precisely what’s important for you to know about maintaining the health of your implants:

  • Firstly, what is a dental implant?

An implant is an artificial tooth (with fixtures) that is permanently embedded or implanted into and fused with the jawbone. There are various dental implant options available, depending on the patient’s bone density.Even with the hydroxyapatite coating, it’s still recommended that you perform a regimented cleaning routine.

  • Every-day routine

Just as every dentist recommends for natural teeth, your dental implants must be brushed twice daily and flossed. Using a mouthwash, preferably an anti-bacterial one, will help eliminate any germs or the presence of other foreign particles. There is no special care needed regarding your daily routine.

  • When to visit the dentist

You should visit a dentist every three to six months. Apart from these regular visits for a clean and a check-up, if you have a dental implant, you should visit the dentist for an X-ray once a year for the first three years after your initial operation.

  • What the dentist will (should) do

Dentists and hygienists will measure your gums in and around the implant. With X-rays from the previous year, special comparisons will be made to ensure it has not moved or shifted, and is not compromised in any way. Also, they will look for any sign of looseness as well as probe the implant of all its components.

  • Symptoms of a problem

If you experience any bleeding, you should consult a professional dentist immediately, because it could be Mucositis. Although it can be treated and reversed, if not caught early enough, it could lead to other complications such as bone-loss (Peri-implantitis). Bone loss is irreversible and the dentist may have to remove your dental implant altogether.

Taking care of your teeth, implants as well as natural, is necessary for healthy and hygienic living. The mouth is susceptible to disease and infection, commonly known to ingest, harbour or transfer various forms of bacteria. Always maintain a healthy approach and regiment to your dental care.

Seek a professional dentist to examine and care for your dental implants.One of the most experienced dental practices in Melbourne is the Carnegie Dental Group, who has been caring for patients with dental implants for over 40 years. Contact them today.

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