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Dento-facial Cosmetics

Dento-facial Cosmetics

For some time, dentists have been combining dental aesthetics and facial cosmetics into a treatment considered as Dento-facial cosmetics. This involves a range of treatments from anti-wrinkle injections and lip/dermal fillers to facial injections that help release and relax patients who potentially damage their teeth through clenching and grinding.
Here at Carnegie Dental Group, Dr Matthew Youssef has had intense training by the Australian Academy of Dento-facial Aesthetics, which has enabled him to provide an all-round treatment for his patients.
Facial injectables are often used to help with a ‘gummy smile’. This treatment is beneficial for patients who believe they have an uneven or high smile due to their lips.

Where can we place Facial Injectables to reduce wrinkles?

  • ‘Smokers lines’ around the lips
  • ‘Crows feet’ or ‘laughter lines’ around the eyes
  • ‘Frown lines’ around the eyebrows
  • Forehead lines
  • ‘Gummy smile’
  • Down-turned smiles or people with a constant ‘sad face’

Dermal Fillers, also called lip fillers, are often used to create volume in the face or lips. Areas we use Dermal Fillers include:

  • Enhancement of the lip
  • Chin or cheek enhancements
  • Reducing facial folds
  • Improving lines around the corners of the mouth, often called ‘marionette lines’