Dr Nathan Rosenbaum discusses the benefits of dental implants

Carnegie Dental Group have  been providing dental implant procedures in the Melbourne region for the last 15 years. Listen to one of Carnegie’s principal dentists, Dr Nathan Rosenbaum, discusses the benefits of dental implants below.


Anyone missing a tooth, or multiple teeth, or all of their teeth, can have dental implants. So long as they’re in reasonably good health. Treatment starts with an initial consultation and will generally be followed up with a second consultation.

Firstly, we send the patient off for a cone beam CT scan, which provides a 3d x-ray of their mouth. Then, we can provide a treatment plan which is absolute. Prior to having the CT scan, we’re only talking in general terms but once we have the CT scan however, I can tell the patient exactly how we’re going to go about treating their mouth.

Replacing even a single missing tooth is really important to ensure the mouth is a functioning unit which works optimally. Generally, people don’t lose just one tooth; in fact, once you’ve lost one tooth, you end up losing more teeth. So ultimately, replacing the single missing tooth prevents other teeth shifting into the gap. The tooth behind can lean in, the tooth in front can lean back, the tooth above can erupt into that space. But through placing an implant retained crown, we can prevent shifting teeth and balance all the forces within the mouth.

Dental implants are the ultimate tooth replacement solution because they facilitate much healthier function. With implants, you will be able to eat your food more optimally. By chewing food correctly, and through having an overall healthier mouth, you improve your whole digestive track.

People with healthy teeth, and the ability to chew well, live longer and healthier lives.

Modern Dental  Implants

Implant dentistry is perhaps the most transformational of all dental advancements in recent years. They are the gold standard tooth replacement solution, and can be used to repair even the most complex oral complications.

In addition to the profound functional and health benefits, dental implants look and feel almost identical to natural teeth.

When it comes to the provision of implant dentistry, experience matters. The experienced professionals at Carnegie Dental understand the successful outcome of any treatment starts with a comprehensive diagnosis. Combining extensive experience and advanced technology, patients can be given a detailed treatment plan which best addresses their particular oral concerns. This ensures the most efficient and effective path is taken to restoring a smile.

Carnegie Dental group have been providing dental implant procedures for nearly 15 years now. Whether you require the replacement of a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all teeth, Carnegie has the experience, technology and caring approach to best help you restore a beautiful and healthy smile.



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