Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign

Invisalign straightening has been making a big impact on the world of corrective orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. But considering they haven’t been around for very long, you might still be unsure about exactly how they work, or if they are a viable solution for your specific dental needs.

To help you understand the Invisalign technology better, we’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions about Invisalign, with answers provided by our dental experts.

In what ways is Invisalign different from traditional braces?

Invisalign has revolutionised the process of straightening teeth. For a long time, traditional braces were the only or the best way of straightening one’s teeth. This is no longer the case.

The main difference is that Invisalign is made from BPA-free medical grade plastic, and not metal, like traditional braces. They are not permanently fixed to your teeth, and you can take them out like ordinary retainers. This means that you don’t have to worry about what you eat, and cleaning them is much easier.

Can anyone get Invisalign?

Invisalign can help most ordinary teeth problems. The latest updates in Invisalign technology has widened the scope of correction Invisalign can cover. We recommend you give us a call or come in for a visit, so we can ascertain whether you will benefit from Invisalign or not.

How are they made?

When you come in for your session, your dentist will take accurate moulds of your teeth and create a treatment plan, which is sent off to Invisalign’s labs. Your retainers are made using medical grade plastic and are sent back to the dentist, who will monitor your progress. They will fit you with new Invisalign trays every two weeks until your treatment plan objectives are met.

Do they hurt?

Some patients have mentioned a slight discomfort for the first two days of fitting a new set of retainers, but it normally passes quickly. When compared to braces, however, Invisalign is much easier on your teeth, with the added perk of patients not having to worry about wires.

Can I take them out?

For cleaning, yes, but for the retainers to work, you need to wear the retainers for a minimum of 22 hours a day.

How long does treatment take?

On average, an Invisalign treatment plan will take a year to complete, but this is entirely dependent on your dental needs.

There are different levels of Invisalign which take varying amounts of time depending on the severity of your misalignment and the amount of correction you are after.

Where do I sign up?

If you feel that you need Invisalign braces, give us a call to schedule your appointment today. We have a dental expert waiting to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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