Home VS In-chair Whitening

We are all after that white bright smile, but what are the statistics with in-chair dental whitening and take home whitening?

Have you been considering having your teeth whitened? With so many options out there, it is best to know that the highest quality and safest treatments are from your dentist. Here at Carnegie Dental Group, we offer either in-chair or Take home whitening treatments for your convenience.

The next thing would be to look at the different options and what will suit you best. The table below provides some information comparing the two different options available.


Take home

How long will it take? Estimated 60-90 minutes for in-chair whitening The take home gel may need to be applied more than once to achieve desired results.
Will I see any visible changes after? Great – Noticeable changes can be seen just after first sitting. Good – You may notice a slight change however, with home whitening, more than one application may be necessary.
Will it look strange? No Results may appear uneven if not applied correctly. But your dentist will show you how to apply this correctly.
How does it work? An advanced LED whitening technology deeply penetrates the stained tooth enamel.


Hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth to break down the staining. Combined with the intense light of the Phillips zoom led light, the gel works to breakdown tough stains.

Simple application of peroxide gel to the teeth.


The active ingredients of the gel penetrate teeth to break down the discoloured molecules.

Can it treat dark/filled teeth?


It may provide some results however it is best to  discuss each case individually with your dentist This treatment is not recommended for very dark teeth or teeth with fillings.
How long do results last? After treatment, if you follow post-whitening instructions, for lasting results. Following usual dental regimes will ensure results last longer. If applied correctly, the results can potentially last over twelve months. Following usual dental regimes will ensure results last longer
Can I whiten a single tooth? Is not used to treat single teeth, other options are available for this. No. It is hard to target individual teeth with take home whitening kits.

I you have any further questions regarding teeth whitening at Carnegie Dental Group, please don’t hesitate to call us on 03 9571 9016

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