What Makes A Good Orthodontist?

Just as there are good car mechanics and not-so-good ones, or great call centre agents and incompetent ones, this is not an option when it comes to the dentistry profession. But, what makes a good orthodontist?

Before we look at the features of a good orthodontist, consider what it would cost you, not just financially, in the aftermath of seeing an incompetent, inexperienced orthodontist. Several patients across many reputable websites have shared stories of the loss of their front teeth, gum disease, severe infection and poor results.

Here’s how to know your orthodontist is one of the good ones:

  • Expertise and Experience

It is recommended to have an idea of how long your orthodontist has been in practice. Not that this is to say those young, just-qualified orthodontists must be expelled from your considerations. Qualifications from reputable universities are usually shown next to or under the orthodontist’s name. A bit of research will only help your case. For example, the University of Melbourne is highly reputable, ranked top three in Australia.

  • Enthusiasm

A good orthodontist can make your day or make you feel miserable. If he or she is enthusiastic, passionate about teeth and the career he or she has chosen, you will see it immediately. They generally love to talk about the intricacies of teeth and everything dental related. Moreover, good orthodontists evoke a sense of positivity and encouragement; giving you hope and solutions with a willingness to make you happy, and deliver you a great smile.

  • Personable

Having good people-skills, having excellent eye contact and showing a smile are the three things for which you need to look for when selecting the right orthodontist. If you have children who need orthodontic work such as braces, it is more so important that the orthodontist you seek is one that can be friendly enough to help your child relax and see that having braces is not the end of the world. Remember, you’re probably already feeling self-conscious and nervous; the last thing you need is an unfriendly orthodontist.

  • Look at the room

If you scan the room and see dirt or unclean things around, it probably means that your orthodontist is not as keen on cleanliness as he or she ought to be. Germs are especially prevalent in the chair of a dentist, more so than any other chair. Inspect the bathroom. That is your best bet if it is a clean practice or not. Also, trust your first feelings; but also remember, it could merely be your anxiety about the commonplace “fear of the dentist”.

  • References or reviews

One of the best things to consider when finding a good orthodontist is to view other patient’s opinions. You can view the practice’s Google Reviews, for example, or read testimonials on their website. People are generally honest enough to tell you that they had a terrible experience or a wonderful one. If a friend of yours had work done recently, then trust your friend’s opinion.

Experience and a good passion for orthodontics and dentistry are what set the good orthodontists apart from the bad ones. You want someone you can feel comfortable with, especially if your children are having their braces fitted. Consider a Melbourne orthodontist with over 40 years’ experience. Call the Carnegie Dentistry Group on (03) 9571 9016.

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