Saturday Dentist in Melbourne

Here at Carnegie Dental Group we understand it can be hard to find the time to visit the dentist during the week. For this reason we offer Saturday dental appointments at our practice at 1/1034 Dandenong Road in Carnegie.

Many patients ask for extended treatment hours as they can’t get time off during the week or can’t make it in after work. For this reason, the friendly team at Carnegie Dental Group offer dental appointments on Saturdays.

Our Saturday appointments are perfect for those with busy schedules or when a dental emergency arises.

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is different to many people. The general rule is any time your tooth or mouth is causing you pain. This can include a broken or cracked tooth, a lost tooth, when a tooth or your gum is causing pain or headaches or if an adult tooth becomes loose.

When you have a dental emergency it is important to speak to your dental practice as soon as possible. This will allow our experienced team to discuss with you the situation and assess how urgently you need to see a dentist.

What do I do if I lose a tooth?

If you lose a tooth it is important that you do not pick it up by the roots. Instead pick up the tooth by the part you see in your mouth and place it either inside your mouth between the cheek and your teeth or in a glass of milk.

Call the dentist as soon as possible to arrange an appointment and follow the instructions given by the assistant.

If you have pain mention this when you call the dentist, they may recommend some general pain killers such as Panadol.

Do you offer emergency dental appointments on a Saturday?

One of the benefits of our Saturday Dentist appointments is that we can treat your emergency as soon as possible. Our team will work with you to arrange a time for you to visit. Depending on the level of the emergency this may be that same day, on a Saturday or at the next time that works for you.

We will always do our best to accommodate your dental needs as soon as possible.

Saturday Dentist Melbourne

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