Whiten your day with the cheapest teeth whitening in Melbourne!

Here at Carnegie Dental Group, we have you covered for either In-Chair or at home treatments from Zoom!

We have all come across a teeth-whitening product at one point or another, whether it comes in the form of toothpastes, DIY kits or strips. Despite its ubiquity, you may not be fully convinced that teeth whitening may be a good choice for you. There can be many reasons to be sceptical about whitening teeth, as you may be unsure about the results, the time is also a factor in which people decide to go against a whitening experience.

To whiten your teeth fast, it’s highly recommended to visit your dentist and have the professional treatment done, 100% safely. Here at Carnegie Dental Group we have 4 whitening package deals available, to ensure your smile is whitened to perfection the right way. You can choose from either our take Home whitening kit or our In-Chair whitening from Zoom. For more information click here.



Our Zoom! whitening treatment is a simple in-chair method that offers shade reduction within a 45 minute treatment, which means it can be done in your lunch break!

The in-chair Zoom method has been known to effectively remove stains with dramatic results. Philips Zoom is not only proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades, but your dentist also monitors it. Other whitening products can harm your teeth and gums but we ensure you’re protected during your treatment.


Your dentist will first shield your gums and lips from the bleaching agent by applying a protective gel. The bleaching agent, infused with about 15-35% of Hydrogen Peroxide ingredient, would be applied next. Once the thick layer of peroxide gel has evenly covered the surface of your teeth, the dentist will then activate the gel using a UV-laser lamp.


Our DayWhite whitening products are a take home option however it does take time management and reapplications as apposed to our in-chair treatment. This option is best for patients who would like dramatic results all while minimising time wearing their trays. The Zoom! DayWhite requires 2 daily applications for 30 minutes a day.


Here at Carnegie Dental Group, we work to make sure you have the right treatment that suits your needs! Over the counter teeth whitening product “Day White” may not be suitable for some patients, especially if the tooth itself is not in a healthy state. In-chair teeth whitening will ensure you have a white and bright smile during your first treatment.

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