Melbourne Orthodontics for Every Age

Our Melbourne Orthodontics services are glad to report that an increasing number of older patients are looking to get oral issues fixed they’ve had for years. There are several big differences between orthodontics designed for adults and the techniques used on teens and children.

Here are some of those differences that need to be considered.

One of the big variables is the fact that adults have dental issues that younger people don’t generally suffer from. For example, older folks might have some minor cases of gingivitis. They might have suffered from mild bone loss as the years go by.

Marginal bone loss can be another issue with people and their golden years. However, that only means ourMelbourne Orthodontics will need to take a more specialized approach with these folks. The results will be the same.

One of the biggest reasons that people want this type of treatment is to correct an improper bite. As people get older, these malocclusion’s present some other issues to correct. For example, it’s often the case that we need to extract one or more teeth to correct the overbite.

If you’re reading this and think that you might be too old for the treatment, take heart. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) is very clear about the fact orthodontics are for people of everyage. They say that your age should never let you from consulting a professional.

Moving your teeth into the right position is always the goal. That’s why orthodontists often use appliances in the form of aligners or braces. These generally and predictably put the teeth back into proper position.

Melbourne Orthodontics Braces – Then and Now  

Braces today are an innovative marvel. Even though they are more comfortable and not as visible as they were several years ago, it takes time to get used to them.

When we start using orthodontic treatments on children, we are being proactive. Usually this type of intervention begins around the ages of six or seven when the teeth are developing and will be for several more years. At this stage the jaw is continuing to grow and that means crowding issues are easier to look after.

Here’s a few tips for parents who want to give their children suggestions. First and foremost, you should tell them to rinse their mouth out with water after they eat anything. If you have any questions at all about orthodontics for younger or older people our MelbourneOrthodontics specialists can help.


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