Why You Never Have To Fear The Dentist Again

If the thought of the dentist invading your mouth with drills, draining pipes and the overwhelming fear of suffocating keeps you from going altogether, then you will be happy to know that you will never need to worry about this again.

Thanks to advances in dentistry, Australians can now sit back in the dentist’s chair, and have any procedure done without anxiety, stress or fear.

The answer? Various forms of sedation. From minimal sedation to general anaesthetic, depending on the type of treatment you’re having and the level of your anxiety or pain threshold.

Types of Sedation

These are the types of sedation available for your dental procedures.

  • Inhaled sedation
    This is minimal in which you breathe in nitrous oxide. This gas helps you relax and it wears off quickly.
  • Oral sedation
    This is minimal to moderate sedation, depending on the dosage administered. It is a light sedative that will remove your anxiety.
  • IV sedation
    This is a moderate form of sedation in which the drug is administered intravenously, acting faster and better than oral medication.
  • Deep sedation
    This is a stronger form of sedation, which will cause you to be slightly unconscious or, depending on the dosage of the drug, entirely unconscious for the period.
  • Anaesthesia
    This is total unconsciousness, administered intravenously and usually for major dental work. You will only come out of unconsciousness once the medication has worn off. You will need a driver to take you home.

Safety of Sedation

It has to be stated that all surgical procedures and any sedatives will always carry a risk. However, the risk for the types of sedatives in dentistry is very low. Again, it must be written that there is a higher risk for sufferers of sleep apnoea and obesity. Moreover, as part of the process, the dentist will continually check your vitals.

Who should consider sedation?

People who have general anxiety or fear of dentists, people who have very sensitive teeth and a poor gag reflex or those requiring major dental surgery or procedures, should consider sedation.

So there you have it—you no longer need to worry about going to the dentist. Even your children can be slightly (and safely) sedated if they are afraid of the dentist. Finally, it is important to know that you must find a dentist who is experienced and professional.If you’re in the Melbourne area, consider Carnegie Dental Group, an expert dental practice in sedation with over 40 years’ experience. Contact them on (03) 9571 9016.

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