Our Carnegie Dentist Supplies a List of Foods That Stain Your Teeth

Our Carnegie dentist team is always focused on helping you keep a beautiful smile that lasts for your entire life. We all pretty much know that tea, coffee and wine will stain your teeth.

Now, we want you to know about some other more surprising foods that are doing the same damage.

In fact, there’s quite a lengthy list of different foods that will discolor your smile. If you keep these items off your menu, you can keep your smile bright!

Berries and Even Fruit Juices  

Some of the items that we needed to put on this list are even good for you. Fruits like berries are good for your digestive tract but there’s still a form of natural sugarthat can harm your tooth enamel in some of them like berries.

Same goes for certain fruit juices like grape or blueberry. They can even stain your teeth as bad as a glass of wine.

Moderation is one of the keys here. If you follow a good dental hygiene routine, you can offset some of the staining factors. Brushing and flossing twice a day is a cornerstone of keeping your mouth healthy.

Meals That Are Tomato Based  

The bright red color of tomatoes combined with their high acidity makes them a culprit for discolouring your smile. You might really like your mother’s spaghetti sauce and soup that’s homemade, but the enamel on your teeth might help you to change your mind.

Our Carnegie dentist experts even warned you about the ill effects of your favorite ketchup.

Anything with saffron in it is another offender. There are many other different spices that have the tendency tostain your teeth. This is because a lot of them contain brightly colored ingredients and they can leave a yellow mark on your enamel over time.

One of the biggest ingredients to keeping your teeth in good shape for lifetime is choosing a dentist that has experience. That’s why our professionals are a good choice — we’ve been maintaining and fixing smiles for four decades.

Our superior level of service is one of the cornerstones of our dental practice. In the forty years we’ve been practicing, we’ve seen literally thousands of patients. It’s our pleasure to give them top-quality care as well as advice and suggestions about their oral health.


Finally, if you’re looking to keep your teeth as bright as possible, you should avoid both dark and light sodas. These are just some friendly notions from our Carnegie dentist professionals.


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