Our Melbourne Cosmetic Dentistry Team Exposes These Reasons for Bad Breath

Patients who use our Melbourne Cosmetic Dentistry services are always impressed with their new smiles. In fact, they are so taken they often ask us if there are other things they can do to add to the work we’ve supplied.

That’s why we’ve come up with some big reasons for bad breath. We don’t want anything to come between you and the Melbourne Cosmetic Dentistry work we’ve done!!

A Night Out

It doesn’t really matter if you’re planning a night out with the boys or girls. If alcohol is involved, you can have lingering bad breath. Alcohol can dry your mouth out which in turn causes the bacteria to grow that causes halitosis.

Keep in mind that we do an excellent job on all of the dental veneers that we place. Although they are stain resistant, having bad breath from a night out on the town isn’t something that we can help you with!

Our Melbourne Cosmetic Dentistry team offers a variety of services including teeth whitening for teeth that have been discolored.

Bacteria on Your Tongue

Although we put this on our list and the number two position, having bacteria that clings to your teeth is the number one cause of bad breath. You can buy a tongue scraper that will do a good job of cleaning the bacteria away. It’s just a good idea to avoid the ones that are plastic since they can be brittle.

Our cosmetic dentistry team can help you with a variety of dental problems. For example, patients have come to see us with spaces between and crowded or misaligned teeth. We offer a variety of different services including crowns and bridges as well as teeth whitening.


When we took the time to research out all the different reasons for bad breath, some of the results surprised us. For example, cutting carbs and boosting protein can cause it. There’s really nothing here’s far as dental hygiene goes that can solve that issue.

One of the other reasons for halitosis is the common cold. One of the big reasons is people with a stuffy nose often breathe through the mouth. That in turn can cause the kind of dry mouth that breeds bad breath.

If you’re looking for Melbourne Cosmetic Dentistry that’s industry leading and wont cause bad breath, get in touch.


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