Our Victoria Family Dentistry Service Debunks Some Dental Myths

Our Victoria family dentistry service wants to be a partner in your family’s dental health. Our number one priority is making sure that each and every member of your family has a bright beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.

We have 40 years of experience in the Victoria area helping families achieve that goal. It’s important to us to make sure that each of our clients is well-informed. That’s why we’ve put together some common dental myths and debunked them.

 Your teeth get cleaner the harder you brush

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, if you use a hard or even medium bristle toothbrush and push hard enough, you can cause damage as well as erode the enamel on your teeth.

If you come in and have a quick chat with our Victoria family dentistry team, we can set the record straight. In fact, we’d be only too happy to teach you some of the best brushing techniques. What’s more, we always suggest that you use a soft bristle toothbrush.

If you choose sugar-free gum, you don’t need to brush

While there are some upsides to chewing this type of gum, it won’t replace brushing. While it’s true that some types of sugar free gum have a certain ingredient that can protect tooth enamel, removing all the plaque from your teeth requires brushing and flossing.

Still, sugar-free gum has an excellent place in your dental hygiene routine. It promotes saliva production which washes away at least some of the bacteria that can gang up on your gums and enamel.

If your gums bleed when you brush, there’s something wrong with your toothbrush

Over the 40 years that we have had a Victoria family dentistry practice, we’ve never known this to be true. In fact, most times when gums bleed, there’s a simple explanation. Inflammation is the culprit and that occurs when plaque and bacteria get stuck in between the enamel where a toothbrush can’t reach.

You need to floss and brush your teeth several times a day. One of the other reasons that your gums are bleeding is because you been slacking off on these routines. It’s also possible that you have some kind of gum disease. If that’s the case, you’ll want to come to see us right away because gingivitis can become the more serious peritonitis and cost you lost teeth in the long run.

Our Victoria family dentistry is always ready to help.


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