Preparing your Children for A Victoria Tooth Extraction

Victoria Tooth Extraction

We’ve been practicing family dentistry and Victoria tooth extraction procedures for decades. It’s only natural that your children feel a little anxious if they have to come in to have this minor procedure done. Mom and Dad don’t often know that their children’s anxiety about the dentist starts with them.

That’s why we’ve put together a few things you can do to ease children’s anxiety about a tooth extraction. With the right kind of preparation, we’ll be able to start off in a good direction. We want to have a healthy relationship with you children.

Explain Victoria Tooth Extraction in Simple Terms

Your children will look to you for simple explanations of what will happen when they come in. Stay away from in-depth details. Make sure to tell them that coming into our office is a positive thing. Tell them it’s a wonderful way to stay healthy.

There’s really no need to go into detail. However, you might be able to mimic the way we use a mirror. That will give them a simple idea of what it is we will be doing.

While you are explaining a Victoria tooth extraction in simple terms, why not broach the importance of good oral hygiene?

A Pretend Visit

Another great way to set your children up is to put together a mock visit at home. They can sit in a chair while you go over in a general way what the dentist will be doing. Keep in mind that we have many years of experience and can offer some pointers.

You can even bring your child into our offices to meet us. Our atmosphere is always comfortable and friendly. Our administrative staff will be more than happy to show your son or daughter around our facility.

Don’t Push

One of the other things that you can do during a mock-up visit at home is having your child brush their doll’s teeth.

It’s important to remember not to push them too hard. Research has shown children up to three can’t be left alone with the dentist for long periods of time. In fact, until they are 24 months old, we don’t recommend separating them from Mom and Dad at all.

The benchmark is usually around four years old. That’s when they can sit through a Victoria tooth extraction by themselves.

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