How To Properly Care For Your Teeth After Whitening

Looking good takes effort, and while scientific advances have made it easier than ever to improve our teeth, hair, and skin, there are still no easy shortcuts. Investing in a long-term beauty treatment will immediately boost your appearance and self-esteem, but if you don’t maintain it, you won’t enjoy it for very long. This applies to getting your teeth whitened, so here’s what you can do to keep your smile bright and inviting in-between treatments.

Immediately after your treatment:

It’s very important that you stick to the advice provided to you by your cosmetic dentist in terms of aftercare. Most dentists will recommend that you stay away from smoking, drinking coffee, tea, red wine, and coke, as well as staying away from foods with pigmented spices or colouring such as turmeric and berries. Extreme heat and cold also cause your teeth to expand and contract, making them more susceptible to staining.

In the weeks after your treatment:

If you’re serious about keeping your teeth looking pearly white, continue to avoid pigmented foods (or chew them with your back teeth) and keep drinking through a straw to limit fluid contact with your teeth. Your dentist will have given you specialist toothpaste to use, and it’s important that you use it as and when indicated.

In the months after your treatment:

As the months go by, your teeth might darken slightly, although they will still look much better than before. If your budget is tight, you can enquire with your dentist if there are any home treatments you can use to preserve your teeth’s whiteness. While these treatments will definitely help, the most effective brightening can only occur through another visit to your cosmetic dentist.

Bright, white teeth are an effortless way to improve your smile and self-confidence, whether you need a temporary fix for a wedding or grand occasion, or just want to improve your appearance overall. Book an appointment today with the expert team at Carnegie Dental Group so you can keep your teeth looking good for years to come – as long as you’re willing to maintain them properly!

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