Here Are The Signs That You Might Need Dental Implants

Over the last few years, dental implants have become one of the most popular dental health procedures being performed, and with good reason. The treatment has a very high success rate and as long as you look after them, they won’t give you any hassles down the road.

If you have been struggling with your dental health and are uncertain whether you should get dental implants, here are some signs you need to look out for:

Your tooth has to be pulled

If you have had the misfortune of one of your teeth becoming infected, you might have to have it pulled. Losing a tooth due to tooth decay is more common than you might think, especially if other treatments haven’t been able to solve the problem, or the decay has created too much structural damage.

Luckily, dental implants are the perfect solution for replacing a pulled tooth, as you’ll only have to wait for the site to heal and the bone to regrow, before getting an implant that won’t need any other special attention other than regular brushing and flossing.

Missing teeth

If you have missing teeth and are tired of struggling with the embarrassment or inconvenience the gaps are causing, you should consider getting an implant. Best of all, the implants can be created to look completely natural when compared to your other teeth, and as we mentioned above, won’t need any special treatment other than a regular dental health routine.

Dealing with dentures

Having to deal with dentures that require adhesives or that don’t fit properly can cause problems with eating, and even dealing with unnecessary and embarrassing situations. If you want a permanent solution that will give you back your self-confidence, you should consider getting dental implants.

Your face looks sunken-in

Missing too many teeth can cause your face to look sunken. This is caused by the lack of stimulation to your jawbone, which causes the bone to degrade over time.

Dental implants can also help with this problem, as they help stimulate the jaw, which helps keep the bone healthy and resolves regression completely.

If you have any other questions regarding dental implants, or want to know if they will be the right choice for your dental problems, contact us today for a one-on-one consultation.

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