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Anxious? Dental Phobia?

About 16% of Australians aged 18 and older suffer from dental phobia. This means that many people suffer unnecessarily every time they visit the dentist, or even worse, avoid trips to the dentist because of their fear.

The Carnegie Dental Group is dedicated to helping our patients receive the best dental treatment possible. We focus on delivering the highest quality dental services in comfort and safety.

There is no longer a need to sacrifice your dental health – leading to self neglect!

Have a look how dental sedation has helped our patients


Dental sedation, also known as twilight sedation, could be the best option for you if you

  • have dental phobia or anxiety
  • have fear of pain or needles
  • have severe gag reflex
  • are not wishing to sit through lengthy, uncomfortable procedures
  • are wanting to avoid general anasethic in hospital

What is Dental Sedation?

With Dental sedation, or Twighlight sedation, your anxiety is removed. you will experience drowsiness and you may sleep lightly through your procedure. Usually, you will have no recollection of your treatment. Twightlight sedation is not a general anaesthetic and you are able to communicate with us if you want to.

Our Sedationist

At Carnegie Dental Group your dental sedation is provided by Dr Barry Creighton, a highly qualified dentist, who has completed a 2 year post graduate degree in intravenous conscious sedation.

Dr Barry is a recipient of the ADAVB Dentistry Achievement Award 2014 in recognition of “Special Services to the Dental Profession”.

Meet Dr. Barry by clicking the video below