Smilefast: Get straighter teeth quicker with Carnegie Dental Group

In days gone by, cosmetically correcting gappy, crowded, or crooked teeth was a laborious and costly affair, especially for adults. Crowns or veneers were the only viable option – and both required teeth to be shaved down. Happily, this is no longer the case. Here at Carnegie Dental Group, we’re proud to provide our clients with the latest in orthodontic technology – Smilefast.

Straight teeth, straight up

Smilefast combines traditional cosmetic teeth alignment techniques with cutting-edge orthodontic technology to speed up the straightening process. Smilefast is a teeth-straightening solution designed with adults in mind – the treatment does not change the bite, only straightens crowded or crooked teeth.

Smilefast certainly lives up to its name – teeth can be straightened in three to nine months, less than half the time traditional orthodontic treatments take. Smilefast can be used to straighten gaps between teeth, crowded or crooked teeth, and prominent front teeth. Clear, near invisible braces are placed using computerised, rapid placement – this means each bracket is placed in the optimal position to achieve the correct and fastest alignment of your teeth.

The benefits of Smilefast

Smilefast is a much faster solution for straightening teeth than traditional braces. Where traditional braces can be worn for up to 2 years, Smilefast work their magic in under nine months. However, it’s best to keep in mind that Smilefast can only help with gaps, crowded and crooked teeth, and cannot correct major orthodontic issues.

Not only are they fast, but Smilefast braces are discreet – the brackets are clear, and the wires are tooth-coloured, making them nearly invisible. No clunky, uncomfortable, highly visible metal brackets! Smilefast is also a much more affordable treatment than traditional orthodontic procedures.

As Smilefast takes less than half the time of other orthodontic treatments, there are fewer consultations involved in the procedure – meaning more money in your pocket.

Straighter teeth, faster

Smilefast is the most affordable, easiest, and quickest way for adults to cosmetically straighten their teeth. There’s no need to be shy about your crowded or crooked smile any longer – book an appointment with Carnegie Dental Group today and get straighter teeth, faster.

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