When Should You Take Your Child To The Dentist

Many parents do not know when it’s the best time to take their children into the dentist. For many reasons parents hold back seeking a professional orthodontist or dentist because they believe the milky teeth are only temporary, which means whatever problems have been experienced will just go away. But this reasoning is flawed – here’s why…

The Facts

The Australian Society of Orthodontists strongly recommends that children between the ages of seven and 10 should visit a specialist orthodontist for an assessment even if there are no signs of pain.

The Carnegie Dental Group agrees with this advice because our dentists have seen countless children come when they are already in their later teens. The procedures they must endure could have been prevented had they come in earlier for an assessment.

Since the jaw bones of a child are still pliable, corrective and interceptive measures can be performed to help prevent children from developing a malocclusion (bad bite) or other dental and facial problems.

Corrective steps taken now can help your child immensely since dentists will offer professional advice and corrective techniques, which will help make extra room in your child’s mouth in good time for the arrival of the permanent teeth.

The Signs

If your child shows any of these 10 signs, it is paramount that you visit your local dentist for a proper assessment.

  • Early loss of baby teeth (before age five)
  • When biting, your child’s teeth do not meet properly
  • Breathing with his or her mouth only
  • Snoring
  • If your child’s front teeth are crowded (noticeable from six or seven years old)
  • Protruding front teeth
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Unusual speech impediment
  • When your child opens or closes his or her mouth, does the jaw shift?
  • If older than five and he or she is still sucking the thumb or finger

If you think your child needs some dental attention, do not hesitate to take your child to your nearest specialist orthodontist for a proper assessment in which you will be given the options you need to help your child correct any future mouth problems.

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