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At Carnegie Dental Group, we provide a comprehensive range of  teeth whitening treatments to improve the appearance of your smile.

Types of Tooth Stains

Tooth discolouration can occur as a result of surface stains, due to actual changes in your tooth material, or because of a combination of both factors. There are three main categories of tooth discolouration:


1. Extrinsic Teeth Stains: An extrinsic tooth stain is staining on the surface of the tooth. It occurs when stain particles, such as pigmented residue from food or drink, build-up in the film of protein that covers the tooth enamel. Extrinsic tooth stains are typically caused by tobacco use or by regularly drinking coffee and tea, wine or cola drinks. This type of tooth stain responds well to regular dental cleaning and brushing the teeth with whitening toothpaste.


2. Intrinsic Teeth Stains: An intrinsic tooth stain is staining below the surface of the tooth. It occurs when stain-causing particles work through the exterior of the tooth and accumulate within the tooth enamel. Excessive fluoride use and  also have been associated with intrinsic, especially in children. An intrinsic tooth stain is trickier to remove, but it can be done. An intrinsic tooth stain may require bleaching using professional or at-home chemical teeth-whitening products.


3. Age-Related Teeth Stains: Age-related teeth stains combine the results of both intrinsic and extrinsic tooth discolouration. Because the core tissue of your teeth, the dentine, naturally yellows over time, teeth discolour with age. As we age, the enamel that covers the tooth becomes thinner, allowing the dentine to show through. These intrinsic causes of discolouration combined with extrinsic causes such as the effects of certain foods, beverages, and tobacco, will cause most adults’ teeth to discolour with age.


Staining is less of a health problem and more of an aesthetic one. At Carnegie Dental Group, we recommend seeing one of our Dental Hygienists who may be able to help with treating the staining. Extrinsic staining can usually be removed with a professional cleaning (called a Scale and Clean) or sandblasting. Intrinsic staining and age-related staining may be improved through one of our recommended whitening procedures. You can find more about this under the “Teeth Whitening” tab. Please make a time to see us if you would like to know more about keeping your teeth pearly and bright and maintaining the colour as your age.

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