Three Instant Differences That Dental Implants Can Make To Your Quality Of Life

Dental implants can make an incredible difference to your quality of life, and it goes beyond giving you an attractive looking smile. Many people are put off of investing in dental implants because they don’t believe they are actually investments. This is not necessarily the case, as having a strong set of healthy teeth can actually improve everything from your bone health to your ability to eat tough foods. What’s more, they’ll last for many years to come, making them worth spending money on.

Still on the fence? Here are three instant differences you can look forward to enjoying if you choose dental implants:

  • You’ll be able to eat what you want

Many people suffer without dental implants, and put up with a shrinking list of foods that they can consume comfortably. Don’t you miss being able to bite into a juicy apple or indulge in a succulent cut of meat? Dental implants will allow you to enjoy all your favourite foods and eat out at restaurants again without feeling self-conscious.

Dental implants enable you to chew your food with confidence. This helps you digest your food better leading to a healthier and more energetic you.

  • You can look forward to speaking, laughing and smiling freely

You might feel that talking, laughing or even smiling draws attention to your mouth, so you make an effort to avoid doing these things. Being unable to speak freely can impact everything from being able to go on dates, to participating in team building activities. It also gives off the impression that you’re unfriendly and stiff, even when you’re not. If this sounds like a problem you’re used to, just imagine how dental implants can make these concerns disappear.

Dental implants provide a firm anchor for your prosthetic teeth. Unlike dentures they don’t slip around or even pop out at the most inappropriate times saving you from embarrassment. You can smile and laugh with confidence, building up your self esteem to enable you to thrive in all aspects of your social life.

  • You’ll keep your mouth healthy, preventing other problems from developing

Through years of experience as a dentist and dental implantologist I have learnt that most people do not lose just 1 tooth. In general losing this first tooth affects your whole mouth leading to the loss of further teeth. Replacing a single lost tooth with an implant supported crown maintains the balance of forces within the mouth. Replacing multiple teeth with implant supporting bridges maintains the ability to use both sides of your mouth, otherwise you may only be able to chew on one side of your mouth. Replacing a whole arch of missing teeth with a full arch restoration supported by implants provides you with your third set of teeth. Nowadays you don’t need to look and feel old just because you lost your teeth, dental implants provide a predictable safe option for replacing teeth.

With proper care, most quality dental implants will last a lifetime. So why wait a moment longer to experience these benefits?

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