Tips from Our Victoria Emergency Dentist

Our Victoria Emergency Dentist team encourages everyone to stay active and play sports. However, there are times when a mishap might mean you’ll need some emergency work done.

If you’ve cut your gums or lost or fractured a tooth while playing one of your favorite games, here’s a few things you need to know.

The Symptoms

You need to understand when a trip to our Victoria emergency dentist is in order and when it’s better to book an appointment. For instance, if the tooth is broken, cracked or knocked out completely, you should come in and see us.

When the crack is severe and there’s a large fragment of the two completely gone, it is best to see our emergency dentist. It’s the same situation when there is some kind of damage or excessive bleeding from inside your mouth.

Here’s another helpful tip. If the tooth is still in one piece, you need to be very careful how you handle it. We suggest that you try and put it back into the socket and bite down on a damp gauze or even a teabag keep it in place.

It almost goes without saying that you need to be very careful not to swallow the broken tooth.

More Victoria Emergency Dentist Tips

There will be situations where you can’t keep the tooth inside your mouth. That’s when it’s best to rinse it off and put in a container of milk for safekeeping. As far as the socket goes, a compress will slow down any of the bleeding.

There are other situations that warrant a visit to our emergency dental clinic. You might be in severe pain from an abscess. It’s always a good idea to call ahead to our offices before you start for the emergency clinic. In these types of situations, we might be open and able to fit you in on this type of call.

Finally, we have a few tips on how to prevent injuring your teeth in the first place. Wearing a mouthguard when you are playing contact sports is always a priority. Customized mouth guards offer better protection than the ones you can buy over-the-counter.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll want to do your best to avoid certain kinds of candies and other hard foods. Biting down on these or chewing on ice can cause tiny cracks that will become larger problems down the road.

Our Victoria Emergency Dentist team is there for you.


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