A Carnegie Root Canal Treatment Primer

A Carnegie root canal treatment is usually the process that saves a tooth rather than removing it. The phrase itself describes how the canals inside a tooth are cleaned out. Years ago, these were painful — today there have been advancements in dental practice and with anesthetics so there’s very little pain with one of these procedures.

We like to tell our patients that it’s quite often more painful to live with the tooth that’s decaying. Here’s a few things that you should know about the Carnegie root canal treatment we offer.

Carnegie Root Canal Treatment Young woman at the dentist complaining about a toothache. Dentistry. Doctor and the patient.

Why You Need One

Everyone has a soft pulp inside their teeth. It contains connective tissue, blood vessels and even nerves. If there’s a crack or chip in the enamel, bacteria can get in and start infecting this pulp. If this situation isn’t treated properly, the infection can become serious enough the tooth gets abscessed and you can lose it.

The Symptoms Telling You to Get Carnegie Root Canal Treatment

If that sounds serious, it should, but there’s really no need to worry. We have dental professionals on staff that can save your tooth and look after any other issues you might have. One of the things that you can do is be aware of the symptoms that there is a problem.

These include swollen gums and a visible hole in your tooth. The other symptoms include swelling around your neck and face and obviously, pain.

The Process

The entire process can take several visits. First off, we like to start by taking dental x-rays. This is the best way to accurately assess the damage that’s been done to your tooth. The chances are that we will use a local anesthetic and what’s called a dental dam to keep the area protected.

Usually, the top of the tooth is opened up to expose the infected pulp. We have all of the proper instruments that are used to efficiently and painlessly remove the diseased pulp.

Different Ingredients

The pulp chamber is worked on next. After everything is cleaned and dried so there’s nothing left of the infection, the canals are filled back in.

We like to use several different ingredients to fill the canal back in including a rubber compound or sealer paste as the situation dictates.

Our Carnegie root canal treatment options are designed to brighten your smile and outlook!


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