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Tooth Extractions in Carnegie, Melbourne

Extracting Teeth is Sometimes the Best Option for Your Oral Health

Extracting a tooth involves removing it from the jawbone. More difficult extractions may require minor surgical procedures to help the tooth come out. Extractions can be performed under local anaesthetic or under general anaesthetic at the local hospital.

A period of healing is required following an extraction to enable the bone and gum to heal over the socket.


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When is Extraction Necessary?

Prevention is always better than a cure. But sometimes patients don’t visit the dentist until they’re in a significant amount of pain. Often this can mean two things. Either the pain, swelling and inflammation are a result of infection and root canal therapy is required; or the infection has spread so far that extraction is the only feasible option left. If you need root canal therapy this procedure takes two to three appointments and helps to maintain your natural tooth.



Sometimes extraction is necessary for your oral health for reasons such as: overcrowding, infection and risk of infection.

More commonly extraction is necessary for reasons such as

  • overcrowding
  • infection
  • RCT cannot be performed adequately to save a tooth
  • gum infection cannot be treated adequately.
  • reoccuring root canal infections or gum infections
  • wisdom tooth pain
  • cracked or broken tooth beyond repair- depending on the position, extent and severity of a crack, a tooth may not be salvageable and may require extraction.


If your teeth are too big for your mouth, or extra teeth are coming through, your Carnegie Dental Group dentist may extract the tooth to help the rest of your teeth come through naturally.

Infection or Risk of Infection

There are occasions when even after root canal therapy the infection returns and the tooth has to be pulled. Additionally, there are cases when the risk of infection can be reason enough to have the tooth pulled—but this happens rarely, as the Carnegie Dental Group will do everything to help you maintain your natural teeth.

What to Expect with Extraction

Once a tooth has been extracted a blood clot will form in the socket. One of our dentists will carefully pack a gauze pad into the socket for you to bite down on. This will help to stop the bleeding. To close the gum edges over the extraction site a few self-dissolving stitches may be placed.

Prior to any oral surgery treatment it is important you make your dentist aware of any medical conditions you may have; including anything such as artificial joints or a history of illness. This will allow your Carnegie Dental Group dentist to provide you with the most suitable treatment for you and your oral health.

Tooth Extraction in Melbourne

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