Straight teeth in 6 to 9 months

Smilefast Melbourne, Victoria

Carnegie Dental Group offers Smilefast Magic Braces in Melbourne, Victoria the fastest way to cosmetically straighten your teeth.

To achieve a great smile in a short amount of time Smilefast Magic Braces combine traditional techniques for cosmetic alignment of teeth with the latest orthodontic technology. This orthodontic treatment is designed with adults needs in mind and can straighten your teeth between three to nine months. Smilefast can straighten gaps between teeth, crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and prominent front teeth. These concerns can be aligned quickly yet safely with the use of clear braces which are almost invisible.


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3 advantages of Smilefast Magic Braces Melbourne

This affordable, quick orthodontic treatment is great for adults looking to straighten their smile discreetly and efficiently. Three big advantages of Smilefast Magic Braces are:

Clear brackets

Unlike traditional metal braces, which many patients consider as big, clunky and highly visible, you don’t have to wear metal with Smilefast Magic Braces. This orthodontic treatment uses discreet clear braces that are virtually-invisible because they blend with your teeth.

Affordable Melbourne Cosmetic Dentistry

Smilefast Magic Braces take less than half the time of other orthodontic treatments. What this means for you is fewer appointments with Carnegie Dental Group which makes the treatment more affordable.

Treat difficult cases quickly

Unlike other forms of discreet orthodontic treatment, Smilefast Magic Braces provide a predictable result in less than 9 months. This reduces the amount of time you need to wear braces while still giving you a straight, healthy smile.


The Smilefast Magic Braces Melbourne difference

Traditional metal braces are placed by hand, what this means is that if the brackets aren’t aligned just right it can cause the treatment to be slow and inefficient. With Smilefast the braces are placed using computerised rapid placement so each bracket is placed in the optimal position to achieve the best results: good positioning equals fast and correct alignment of your teeth.

Smilefast Melbourne

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