Scale and Clean Maintanence

Scale and Clean Melbourne

Carnegie Dental Group Provide Patients with a Scale and Clean to Help Them Maintain Their Oral Health

A cleaning procedure is recommended for most people at 6 monthly intervals. Ultrasonic scaling dislodges bacterial plaque and calculus that can lead to periodontal disease. Staining is removed via high powered brushing and sandblasting. Your teeth will feel, taste and smell cleaner and fresher.


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A Regular Check-up

Do you know why dentists recommend scale and clean so regularly? It’s about the health of your teeth. It’s about getting the plaque and the calculus off your teeth.

Plaque is sticky, soft and usually an off-white colour.  With the correct brushing and flossing plaque can be removed. However, if you don’t clean the plaque off, the bacteria release toxins that will irritate your gums—this bacteria produces the acid which causes tooth decay. With a scale and clean from Carnegie Dental Group we can get rid of the plaque from those places that is difficult to get to with a toothbrush and floss.


Calculus (more commonly referred to as tartar) is different to plaque in that it is a hard, calcified build-up. And it can’t be removed with brushing and flossing. If plaque is not cleaned off your teeth the minerals in your saliva will deposit in the plaque making it calcified. Calculus can only be removed by a dentist or dental hygienist—this is the scaling part of a scale and clean.

Staining is less of a health problem and more of an aesthetic one. It happens because of drinks like tea, coffee, wine, in addition to food like chocolate and habits such as smoking.

Importance of The Scale and Clean

This common, everyday dental treatment is one of the most important. It can help to prevent periodontal disease (advanced gum disease) as well as a host of other dental-related problems.

When you visit Carnegie Dental Group we will discuss with you the frequency of your scale and cleans to suit your needs. While the rule of thumb is 6 months there are patients who require it more frequently (some as often as 3 months) and others who require it annually.

How Often You Require a Scale and Clean Depends on 3 Things:

  1. How often you consume food and drink that stains your teeth
  2. How well you brush and floss your teeth
  3. How fast you accumulate calculus

By combining a proper at-home oral hygiene routine with regular check-ups you have a better chance of maintaining your natural teeth for longer.

Scale and Clean in Carnegie, Melbourne

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