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People whose smiles have suffered as a result of a medical condition

Jean’s medication caused her teeth to blacken and crumble. Her embarrassment caused her to give up the career she loved. She decided to fight back and called ClearChoice.

People who want a permanent alternative to dentures

Barbara had always had bad teeth, which only worsened with age. When she was ashamed to smile at her daughters wedding, she realized she wanted a permanent, hassle-free solution.

People who’ve been involved in serious accidents

Scott suffered a serious on-the-job accident that claimed all of his teeth. The opportunity to get a whole new set of teeth in just one day was too good for him to pass up.

People who’ve neglected their teeth

Buddy had a big fear of the dentist and always made excuses for not going. After years of neglect, his teeth started to fall out. Too young for dentures, he searched for other options—and that led him right to ClearChoice.

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