Dental Implants vs. Dentures

When considering improving your teeth after tooth loss, there are a number of different treatment options available depending on whom and where you visit.

At Carnegie Dental Group, we offer dental implants and dentures as restorative and effective treatments for tooth loss. During our initial consultation, we inform patients of the advantages and disadvantages of these procedures and the best treatment to suit their individual dental needs.


Comparing Dental Implants and Dentures

Dental Implants Dentures
The dental implant is an artificial tooth root, inserted into the jaw to create a strong anchor for the replacement tooth. A denture is a removable plate or frame holding more than one artificial teeth.
Built to last. Dental implants are a long-term solution. With proper care, dentures can last more than 10 years, but at some point they will need to be replaced.
Permanently fixed in your mouth, like natural teeth. Can be removed.
Speak with ease as dental implants function like natural teeth. Adjusting to removable dentures can mean struggling to pronounce everyday words at first. This will improve with practise.
Dental implants allow patients to eat hard foods comfortably. Removable dentures can feel uncomfortable initially.
Cavities can’t occur in an implant-restored crown or replacement tooth. However you still need to clean them every day. Dentures are artificial teeth on a removable plate so no cavities. Does not apply to any remaining natural teeth.
Keep existing teeth in place. Implants are fixed in place and fuse naturally with your jawbone. Dentures are custom-designed for a comfortable and good fit for you, however may slip or move in the beginning.
No wear and tear on surrounding teeth is caused. Carries a risk of increasing the deterioration of remaining teeth if a patient does not practice good oral hygiene.
The cost will vary with the complexity of the individual’s situation. The cost is usually greater than dentures. ·       Cheaper than other options particularly if many teeth are involved.

We recommend dental implants

Dental implants have revolutionised how dental professionals can effectively treat patients with tooth loss and improve smiles. Our dentists recommend dental implants because no other treatment looks after both your jaw and your teeth the way dental implants do. This restorative dentistry has a very high, long-term success rate, producing results that are virtually identical to natural teeth in strength, function and appearance. Dental implants enable you to recapture your lifestyle after tooth loss, improve the function and aesthetics of your smile and prevent jawbone reabsorption and shifting teeth.

Post dental implant treatment

Our patient’s experienced significant improvement in their speech, dental hygiene and chewing ability after the installation of implants. This restorative treatment transformed the appearance of their smiles and enhanced the patient’s general attitude towards life.

Why choose dentures?

Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate to receive dental implants. The presence of gum disease or tooth decay, smoking, or pre-existing medical conditions will cause a high risk of implant failure. The patient also requires a good amount of jawbone as the implant will need to fuse with the jaw. Patients that fall into any of these high risk categories have the option of dentures that are less restrictive on candidacy.

Price is a key player in restorative treatment options and will vary with the complexity of the individual’s situation. The cost for dental implants is usually greater, particularly if many teeth are involved. However, the benefits of dental implants generally make this investment worthwhile for any patient that wants to smile like they did before they lost their teeth.

If you are considering dental implants or dentures to improve your smile or comfort, arrange an appointment with our team by contacting us online or calling us on (03) 9571 9016.

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