Melbourne Dental Implants and Women’s Oral Health


We’re right beside you through the entire process when it comes to Melbourne dental implants. Our staff will walk you through everything you need to know. Here’s a handy resource on women’s oral health. After all, keeping your mouth healthy will keep those dental implants looking great.

Here’s a few situations where you’ll want to watch out for gum disease.

When You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy is often the most rewarding time of a woman’s life. It’s also the time when your hormone levels spike. And that can lead to gum disease during your eighth month. This situation is often called pregnancy gingivitis.

Here’s one solution. During your third trimester, we recommend professional cleanings. Otherwise, gingivitis can become a more severe problem. Remember, your gums and jawbone are the anchor for our Melbourne dental implants.

When You’re Careful

Progesterone is one of the ingredients in certain types of birth-control pills. Unfortunately, it can cause inflamed gums leading to further issues. Come in and see us if you are using contraception. We’ll be able to put together a plan.

When You’re Mature   

Women going through menopause often need to take certain medications. Some of these can cause dry mouth. In turn, dry mouth can cause a lack of saliva production. That can result in gingivitis and gum issues.

The idea is to give you some healthy tips on keeping your gums in good shape. Dry mouth can even result from some non-prescription medications that you can buy at a pharmacy.

A Good Oral Health Routine for Melbourne Dental Implants

You can head some of these problems off by being proactive.

  • Good food helps. A well-balanced diet helps to keep your gums and dental implants in great shape. It should include carbs and fibre as well as vitamins and a certain amount of fat.
  • Treat dry mouth. There are several over-the-counter medications that can help you. Artificial saliva is one of the answers. An antimicrobial mouthwash is another possible solution.
  • Visit us. A professional cleaning twice a year will help to head off any problems. It’s a great way to keep an eye on your dental implants at the same time.

These appliances look and act exactly like your original teeth. You can eat what you want and speak naturally to them. If you’re interested in Melbourne dental implants, book a consultation today.

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